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Axia Alloys

Axia Alloys 9in. Panoramic Rear View Mirror

Axia Alloys 9in. Panoramic Rear View Mirror

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The Axia Alloys 9” wide panoramic rearview mirror is the latest addition to our mirror line, and like it’s 17” wide big brother it offers a low distortion crystal clean view with its shatter resistant glass insert.

These mirrors are only convex in the horizontal direction so that your surroundings appear exactly where they are in relation to your vehicle. Competitors mirrors that are more drastically convex in the horizontal and vertical directions and can make objects appear much further away than they really are.  

Offers infinite adjustability and can be post mounted horizontally or vertically with its 3/8-16 thread post or clamp mounted horizontally or vertically with our patented modular roll cage mounting system.  

Has  adjustable mounting ball tension so that it can be tightened up for demanding off-road environments.

This is the post / clamp mount.

This mirror is supplied with the clamp adapter so you can mount it with any size clamp if you prefer. This clamp adapter  can easily be removed to allow you to post mount it into a welded nut / bung on the cage with its 3/8-16 thread.

Don't know your cage size? Here's a reference!

  • Pro 2 seat and 4 seat 2.0″
  • Turbo S 1.75″
  • XP1000 AND XP4 1000 1.75”
  • XP Turbo and XP4 Turbo 1.75”
  • RZR 900 2015 and up 1.75”
  • 2014 and older RZR’s Perimeter 1.75”
  • 2014 and older Polaris Ranger and RZR and RZR S and XP Rear Harness Bar and Rear Bumper crossbars 1.5” (4 seat versions have a 1.25” rear top crossbar as well)
  • General (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND use PF-OUT & PF-IN clamps)1.75” top crossbar only (rearview mount)
  • Ranger (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND use PF-OUT & PF-IN clamps)1.75” rear harness bar only
  • Ranger Crew (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND use PF-OUT & PF-IN clamps) Use 9” Bolt On mirror for rearview
  • Polaris RZR 170 1.25″
  • YXZ 1000 1.75″ Perimeter Top crossbars 1.5”
  • Rhino Perimeter 1.75” Top Crossbars 1.5”
  • Rhino Steering column 1.5”
  • Viking and Viking  6 seater  2.0”
  • Wolverine Perimeter 2.0” Top Crossbars 1.5”
  • Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1.75
  • Kawasaki Teryx / Teryx 4 Perimeter 1.875” Top Crossbars 1.7”
  • Talon 2.0″
  • Pioneer 1000 1.75”
  • Pioneer 700 1.625”
  • Pioneer  500 1.625”
  • Big Red 1.625”
  • XX 1.75″
  • Wildcat / Wildcat 4 1.75″
  • Prowler (must have aftermarket cage installed)
  • Maverick X3 Perimeter 2 seat and 4 seat 1.85″ (Some aftermarket cages for Can-Am X3 are 1.75")
  • Maverick X3 Some top crossbars are 1.5″
  • Maverick X3 Rear harness bar 2.5″
  • Maverick Sport X XRC (Pro Fit cage NOT ROUND use PF-OUT & PF-IN)1.85” on all other round tubes on cage. 1.5″ on bumpers
  • Maverick Trail (Profile cage NOT ROUND use PF-OUT & PF-IN)1.85” on all other round tubes on cage. 1.5″ on bumpers
  • Commander 2.0”

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