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Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Clutch Kit

Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Clutch Kit

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SLP clutch kits have been designed and tested to get the most consistent performance out of your Polaris UTV. We have been working with centrifugal clutches for over 40 years, and know how to tune them to transfer your horsepower to the ground. In most cases, optimizing the clutch setup is the best performance gain for the dollar spent. Through our testing we have found two distinctly different clutch setups depending on what type of terrain that you drive on.

SLP Trail Clutch Kit: These clutch kits are designed for semi-hard surface trails with the occasional run in muddy or sandy conditions. They provide improved engagement mannerism, throttle response with better top-end power and consistency over a broad range of elevations and conditions. 

SLP High Load Clutch Kit (Sand, Mud or Large Tire): These clutch kits are for high load environments such as sand, mud or when 1" to 2" larger tires have been added. When exposed to these high load conditions, the stock clutching performs poorly, leaving the vehicle with poor throttle response and loss of RPM. These clutch kits provide improved engagement mannerism, throttle response with better top-end power and consistency over a broad range of elevations and conditions. When running exclusively on the sands, see our Sand Specific Clutch Kits below. Note: If performance modifications, larger tires (+3" or larger) or weight has been added or removed from your UTV, please let us know so we can tailor your clutch kit accordingly.

Sand Specific Clutch Kits: These sand specific clutch kits are tailored specifically to running the sands. The springs that we use in these kits provide a much more responsive feel and application of power when in the high load conditions on the dunes. The helixes these kits use are non-EBS versions, which reduce engine braking and allow the unit to freewheel when off of the throttle. This helps keep the nose up when jumping, as well as providing a great on and off throttle feel as you are playing on the dunes. These kits are very resilient to RPM loss, keeping the engine running at its peak horsepower level whether you are on the flat or climbing that wicked steep dune.


Polaris Ranger XP 1000

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